Dave Cox

Dave Cox

Maker, Climber, Long-Distance Unicyclist

What am I up to?

My name is Dave Cox, and this summer, I'm embarking on a 9200-km trip across Canada. I'll be riding from Victoria, BC to St. John's, NL over the course of about four months, starting in May and ending (roughly!) at the end of August. During the trip, I'll be filming a feature-length documentary about my adventures, and posting updates here and on my Instagram.

Have you seen me riding? Post your photo with the hashtag #unicycledave on instagram, twitter, or facebook - or send me an email at dave@unicycledave.com

Latest Updates:

Halfway There! - 04 Jul 2019

Ontario is freaking huge! I was told this over and over again by people that have ridden or otherwise made their way across this country, but I don’t think it’s entirely possible to describe unless you’ve lived it for yourself. It takes a lot of gumption to get yourself from Kenora to Sault Ste. Marie, and there’s not much for supplies along the way, but you’re more than adequately compensated with scenery, for sure!

I met lots of amazing people along the way. This section of the trip is the one which follows the highways people are most likely to use while crossing the country, so all the people who started in the east this spring are crossing my path, and it’s been great to meet them all. From the couple who’s travelling with a kitten in their front bag, to the guy walking to Vancouver, to the guys cycling with a trailer full of climbing gear, everyone’s got a story to tell and a reason they’re out on the road.

There have been challenges too. The increased pace called for by the lack of towns has been hard on my knees, and an accident when mounting just outside Wawa did some damage to one of my tendons, which I’m anxious to have looked at by a doctor once I get back home to Toronto. For now though, things are holding up well and I’m excited to spend some time relaxing with my partners at home before striking out for the east coast.

It’s almost bittersweet having come this far in some ways - incredibly satisfying to have ridden nearly five thousand kilometers and made it through all the challenges that come with that kind of distance, but also knowing that at some point this incredible experience has to end is a theme that I think will be more prevalent as I’m riding out towards the Maritimes.

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