Dave Cox

Dave Cox

Maker, Climber, Long-Distance Unicyclist

What am I up to?

My name is Dave Cox, and this summer, I'm embarking on a 9200-km trip across Canada. I'll be riding from Victoria, BC to St. John's, NL over the course of about four months, starting in May and ending (roughly!) at the end of August. During the trip, I'll be filming a feature-length documentary about my adventures, and posting updates here and on my Instagram.

Have you seen me riding? Post your photo with the hashtag #unicycledave on instagram, twitter, or facebook - or send me an email at dave@unicycledave.com

Latest Updates:

Allons-y! - 22 Jul 2019

After a week long break in Toronto, I’m finally off towards the East Coast. At the moment, I’m in Montreal, but that won’t be true for long! I’m heading out today for the longest uninterrupted stretch of my east-coast journey, up the north side of the St. Lawrence and around the Gaspesie, which I expect to spend about twenty days doing.

It’s been refreshing to make it to Quebec, after so long in Ontario. There are five province stickers on my frame now, and putting the Ontario one on was a real victory. Once I’m past Quebec, I’ll be adding a new one every few days, which is really exciting!

Soon also, the scenery will be getting to fantastic again - Ontario farmland is alright, but it doesn’t have the take-your-breath-away quality that the more coastal regions have. I can’t wait for the smell of an ocean breeze, the views of the shoreline, and the sun rising over the ocean - as it should do, as far as my east-coast brain is concerned.

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