Dave Cox

Dave Cox

Maker, Climber, Long-Distance Unicyclist

What am I up to?

My name is Dave Cox, and this summer, I'm embarking on a 9200-km trip across Canada. I'll be riding from Victoria, BC to St. John's, NL over the course of about four months, starting in May and ending (roughly!) at the end of August. During the trip, I'll be filming a feature-length documentary about my adventures, and posting updates here and on my Instagram.

Have you seen me riding? Post your photo with the hashtag #unicycledave on instagram, twitter, or facebook - or send me an email at dave@unicycledave.com

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The End! - 03 Sep 2019

Well, here we are. 9245km and 61(!) kilometres of vertical ascent later, I’ve crossed an entire continent on one wheel. Canada is a vast country, full of people just as great as the scenery. I’ve slept inside, outside, explored sideroads and ridden on main highways, all in the name of trying to get to know this place I call home a little better.

It’s an experience I’m still trying hard to put into words - the ways in which journeys like this impact you are hard to measure or explain, but I think that in the coming months those things will start to become more clear. There were times when this trip was hard, but in every case, a kind stranger stopped to ask if I was okay, or just offered so much enthusiasm about what I was doing that I couldn’t help but feel better after chatting with them.

People have often asked me how it’s possible to do something like this, and the answer is that you really have to take it on one day at a time. Whatever your dreams are, if you take even a small step towards bringing them to reality, I think you become more alive as a result. And I haven’t done it alone. I’ve had the support of my partners, my family, and the thousands of people I’ve interacted with on this trip. I am thankful to everyone who supported me, I couldn’t have done this alone!

I’ll be taking the month of September off, to sleep, relax, and get back into the groove of life off the road, after which I’ll be starting the long process of cutting together everything I’ve shot during this trip. I really want to share this experience with as many people as possible - and in doing so, I hope I can inspire others to tackle their dreams, whatever they are.

With love, and gratitude, Unicycledave

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